HVAC Maintenance Plans in Garland & Mesquite, TX

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What's the secret to year-round comfort? Signing up for routine heating and cooling maintenance in Garland, Plano, McKinney and Frisco, TX. You can count on the HVAC contractors at JZ AC Service to keep your heat pump or air conditioner in top operating condition all year long.

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3 reasons to schedule routine HVAC maintenance

3 reasons to schedule routine HVAC maintenance

What are the benefits of routine HVAC maintenance? Regular inspections and cleanings result in:

  1. Extended HVAC unit service life - Twice-a-year cleanings make your unit less susceptible to dirt and debris buildup. They can also help prolong the life of your system.
  2. Improved air quality - Clean filters will keep your unit circulating fresh air, resulting in an overall healthier breathing environment.
  3. Fewer costly repairs - When we check your unit, we'll make sure the voltage is good, the filters are clean and the coils are in tip-top condition. With well-tuned components, your system will be at a lower risk for repairs.

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